Friday, August 24, 2007

Networking in the Middle III

I just wanted to thank everyone who assisted and attended last night. Overall, I think the event was a success and a catalyst for future endeavors (can't wait to see the data collected). There are always things you can improve on and look to do better in the future, but we'll worry about those later. I'll just touch on the positives (or the plus):

What a fantastic venue! Great food!

There was in-depth networking taking place (as evidenced by the hard time getting people to listen to some of the speakers - no big deal).

The Cleveland Plus campaign was introduced to many for the first time (see My Links for site).

The Mahoning Valley was well represented and we were extremely happy to open our doors to our friends in the region.

People witnessed the new positive energy in Youngstown led by a Young Professional Mayor, a world-class Business and Technology Incubator, as well as the Pro-Yo Party, Defend Youngstown, and MVP 20/30 Club.

Many successful Youngstown State University grads had a chance to re-connect with each other and interact with their counterparts from other great regional universities.

A foundation for a new Young Leaders opportunity with the United Way began.

Many learned of the success of The Young Philanthropist Fund at the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley for the first time (that will never get old).

We re-lived a little history (thanks to the Mahoning Valley Historical Society) in a place where thousands of great men and women once stood, the Edward W. Powers Auditorium.

We also got a glimpse of the future as a Cleveland PR firm, a Mahoning Valley YP group, and the fastest growing privately-held software company in the country (Turning Technologies) collaborated on an interactive and fun display that will provide us with useful information to analyze.

What a catalyst for future opportunities.

All happening in Youngstown, in the Cleveland Plus region!

Pretty Cool!

Thanks for making it happen. See you soon (and in Akron for NW in the Middle IV).


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